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We hope everyone is looking forward to a lovely holiday tomorrow.  Now, if you happen to be looking for a way to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 via desktop accessories, we’ve got you covered with the patriotic display below!  If you haven’t seen it, Poppin has a great feature on their website where you can Design-a-Desk, choosing a custom color selection from their most popular accessories!




Kari and I are visual people, so for us, being able to visually toggle through the impressive array of colors to create the perfect combination is such a useful tool for us.  We each have our own favorite color combos (bet you wouldn’t guess mine includes a little pink!), and we’ve used Poppin products a handful of times with different clients, and we always come back to the Design-a-Desk feature each time we are putting together a proposal.  We love the impact that the custom colorway provides!


We hope that your weekend is filled with fireworks, barbecues, parades, fairs, picnics, speeches, ceremonies and a plethora of pomp and circumstance (if that’s your thing!) to celebrate the 238th birthday, and the wonderful history and traditions of our beautiful United States of America!


Anyone headed to the West Lawn for the Capitol Fourth this year?





Hi, y’all!  I’m pumped to break the silence with a little chat about color (hmm.. I’m oh-so-predictable!).  Now that it’s really May, and the warmer weather is here to stay, I’m craving to surround myself with a little of that warmth and color.


I consistently lean towards grays, blues, and greens in my own home, but I recently painted my small powder room an explosive coral, and I love it!  Since my living room is predominantly cool-toned, I think I need to live with a little more of that coral punch!  I have a couple of emerald green Dwell Studio throw pillows (this and this) on my couch in my living room, and since coral and emerald duo very nicely on the red carpet:




and work magically together in these interiors by one of my favorites, Arkansas Designer Tobi Fairley:




I’m searching for the perfect pairing of pillows to bring a little Spring inside!


I love this grouping with a few pillows from Caitlin Wilson Textiles.  The simple geometrics and fretwork balance out the wild nature of the gold floral motif and high-contrast zebras.




Alternately, I could go a little modern meets traditional and create an eclectic grouping. This Jacobean inspired floral motif from Whitlock & Co. pulls both colors in while the loose geometric diamond patterning from Serena & Lily contradicts the deco border in an unexpected way.




Decisions, decisions!  What’s your favorite combo?


Have a great week!





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Considering I’m a painter, I don’t think it’s possible to exhaust the topic of the multifaceted neutral color gray. I use gray in the studio when I want the structure of a pattern I’m recreating on a surface to be defined, while the rest of the piece has an otherwise aggressive color palette. It is often my go-to when I want to acknowledge the physical direction of the process or of a specific mark-making experience. I also use it when I’m craving a comical yet quasi-serious line. It’s my workhorse tone. It’s almost unassuming, but very direct. Depending on whether I’m working on a generally pink painting (most of the time!) or a painting that I’m pretending is not about pink, like blue maybe (kidding… or am I?), I love mixing that perfectly intellectual yet subtle gray tone to sharpen my mark-making without taking away from the power of other visual elements.



Secure the Ground. Oil on Linen, 36 in. by 36 in. 2011


In terms of interior wall finishes, gray pairs well with fully embraced femininity, supporting delicate and soft ideas, but it can also contribute successfully to a sharper, more direct arena. It is also the perfect backdrop for that eclectic mix of the two. Whether a green accent chair or a collection of antique lavender pottery pieces, the subtle nuance that a field of gray provides in a room can perfect a spatial experience.



Brooke Shields’ Home as seen in Architectural Digest


The key to the successful use of a fully dimensional gray is in the undertones. Although I rely on my color theory knowledge when pairing tones, a lot of my choices are driven by instinct, so I always test the color in the space, taking note of the various lighting changes. If you stick a yellow couch in a room with a blue-undertone gray, it just might end up feeling like the purple or baby blue room you never really wanted. So if you’re selecting colors on your own, make sure you buy a test pot to sample the color in your space, it will save you lots of money in the long run!


Before I’m off for the weekend, I wanted to share these Benjamin Moore Grays that Kari and I consider tried and true.



Have a great one, friends.


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