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As a mother and small business owner, I find that the flexible nature of a home office works well for me, and while Etch is a young company, the financial benefits are obvious. I have experience working from both a studio outside of the home and a studio at home, but I prefer the latter. It’s not for everyone. Over the years I’ve learned that the key to success in productivity with this kind of structure is to hold myself to a very strict schedule and have a well-defined and inspiring work space.  With that said, in order to better manage and balance my work and family schedules, I am currently redesigning my lower-level studio space to include a functional home office with built-ins for additional storage of art and design needs.



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But let me be honest here.  When we moved into our current modest-sized townhouse, I threw the hodge-podge of beat-up furniture from my Graduate School studio into the half-finished basement, and things have been the same since. As I said before, I need an inspiring, beautiful, and functional space to work in… and that, my friends, does not describe the current situation.  There is little natural light, dropped ceilings, and a lot of clutter.  Because of this, at any given point in the day, I may use the dining table to finish a presentation or hold a conference call in the kitchen, and my work tends to follow me around the house.


I want a studio space that is pretty but effortless, while boasting multi-functionality, major organizational elements, and plenty of hidden storage to keep little curious baby fingers away.  There are myriad inspiring spaces out there, and Kari and I are over on Houzz building an ideabook called A Studio Space full of amazing multi-purpose rooms that are bursting of creativity.  Check them out in the Houzz slideshow below.



With the rise in capability for telecommuting and the surge of creative entrepreneurs, multi-purpose creative home office spaces are becoming increasingly common, and vendors are designing a plethora of product lines with this kind of space in mind. It’s very exciting and I’ll be sure to keep you posted as I turn my basement into my very own dreamy creative space!


Enjoy your weekend, friends!



This weekend marks the end of May, a month that seemed to be full of rain and pollen, both of which committed me to the indoors. Nonetheless, a soulful outdoor retreat is high on my love list, so here is some exterior eye candy to take you into the weekend.




Here’s to hoping June brings sunshine and many moments to rest outdoors! (who am I kidding, this is Virginia, which means it will be near 90 degrees next week. But a girl can wish, right?)
– Kari

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So it’s the season of evening thunderstorms here and a few nights ago I spent a storm’s duration at my preschooler’s bedside. Our discussions went from the technical talk of light traveling faster than sound and how lightening comes before thunder to the moral rightness of telling the truth (I frequently combined my assurance that he was safe with the fact that I wouldn’t lie to him). We even had the benefit of losing power for five minutes of our talk, which gave the opportunity to thank the people hard at work fixing our outage.
When I finally convinced him that the storm was passing and he was more than safe to fall asleep, I crept downstairs to find the combined glow of candlelight and TV screen. We are not frequent candle-lighting people, but the nostalgia of flickering flame juxtaposed with modern conveniences felt comfortable and romantic.
It immediately made me think of Kevin Reilly’s electrical candle and metal light fixtures. He designed the patented technology of a non-heat producing electrical bulb that doesn’t affect the quality of the real wax it sits inside. The bulbs are even dimmable and give off a very realistic ambient and soft candlelight glow. The fixtures are relevant for any room style, as they beautifully combine rustic, industrial with traditional romanticism. His light fixtures are all individually handcrafted by a small staff of artisans in Reilly’s Alabama workshop.

1. Kevin Reilly Altar Fixture                           2. Kevin Reilly Gem Fixture


3. Kevin Reilly Hemel Fixture                          4. Kevin Reilly Gem Wall Sconce

Forecasts show more weather excitement for this evening, so I am mentally preparing myself for what life topics we should discuss. My son spent the past few days informing everyone he met that light travels faster than sound and even naming his gym teacher “sound” and himself “light”, as my son ran faster past his teacher. Obviously he was a captive audience during our bedtime talk, so I fully intend to take advantage of the opportunity to chat, should Mother Nature allow…

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