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Afternoon, friends!  We’ve been busy around here.  Etch has been dabbling in a bit of Event Design over the last few months.  Considering one of the core principles of our design business is being a hands-on collaborative creative studio, we love the opportunity to provide thoughtful aesthetics and styling for events.  It’s a fulfilling medium for us, and I couldn’t wait to share a few pictures from a recent High Tea we designed for a client in Northern Virginia.




Event design is much like transforming the spacial experiences in resident and commercial locations, but its development is for a temporary experience, customizing the way people relate to a space for a one-time or short-term event.




The flow of the pathways around the tables, the scale and proportion of the flower arrangements and pennants, and catering the impact of the chosen decor and styling with the location and function of the attractions are just a few of the considerations that can turn a mediocre party into an amazing event.




This High Tea boasted a beautifully styled Sweet Bar, featuring cupcakes from Cupcake Heaven in Haymarket, Virginia, Macarons, and personalized tea-themed sugar cookies.  We created custom banners, tea labels, favor tags, and cupcake liners with Green Cherry Factory, and I did the hand-lettering work myself.  With my background in Fine Art, Etch always looks for any opportunity to provide custom, one-of-a-kind artistic creations, and it’s those special little touches that fuel our passion for this stuff!




We layered colors, patterns, and textures much like we do in our Interior Design work, and had an absolute blast incorporating all the vintage inspired pretty details!




We enjoyed designing and styling this event for the lovely bride-to-be, and had a fabulous time collaborating with her mother and sister to create an event that reflected the bride’s classic and refined style.  If you have any projects, art openings, auctions, or corporate functions you think would be a perfect fit for Etch, definitely give us a call, we’d love to help you create an unforgettable special event!

Enjoy your weekend!


Part of a solid business plan is a stellar business card. Although in some respects a formal business card feels a little archaic with our email, digits and job titles accessible all over our web and social media sites, the need for a tangible item for face-to-face networking is still paramount. Even for our well-connected business contacts, we still love the idea of handing over a piece of our image, to be another reminder of Etch and the identity we are crafting. As designers and artists, the visual element of our work is just one small facet, so developing a crave-worthy, tactile form of communication is another necessary tool in our marketing arsenal.
We’re no strangers to needing perfectionism when it comes to presentation and we didn’t want anything less for our non-virtual identity. The team at Aeolidia did amazing work with us as we developed our logo, branding and website design (more on the design process and choices for our logo/branding in a later post), but we knew we wanted to construct the remaining marketing pieces ourselves. One branding requirement we were adamant about was the ability to have repeatable and recognizable elements to reuse throughout our marketing for a fully integrated package. We used a few of these branding embellishments for our cards with our logo and informational text as the other players. We wanted to take advantage of the interaction required by 2-sided cards, so we decided to organize our logo on one side and content on the other. The logo and web address then became a visual invitation into the world of Etch with our signature pink line guiding you to flip the card for personal contact information adorned by an Etch Deco element (we clearly appreciate these design methods, see here and here).
Of course for handheld marketing products, printing can make or break the result. We’ve used several local printers with nicely executed products for some pre-Etch projects and always love minted when it comes to personal and business greeting cards, but decided to go the route of business-card-printing-specialists from an online vendor, MOO. The quality is fantastic. We chose the classic card with a heavy stock and smooth luster and rounded corners for a less conforming shape. Even the packaging is swoon-worthy, which is always a plus in our book. They came in tiny black boxes with quirky written messages that were fun to open.
Our passion for design drives us to surround Etch with clients and industry partners who are equally, infectiously vehement about making the world a more interesting place. Now with our sparkling cards, we feel armed and ready to network. So the next time we meet up, ask for a card and we will excitedly hand one over. You can be sure to expect the same request from us!

The thoughts and opinions in this post are all our own. No affiliate links were used and we were not paid for our review of any vendors discussed.

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