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We just finished a design presentation for an apartment community’s leasing office, common areas and resident amenity spaces. Although mostly a simple paint, furniture and art refresh, it’s been a blast working with this awesome client. These spaces are both public representations of the community and extensions of the residents’ personal space, so fresh furniture picks and tons of art were selected with the intention of feeling classic, casual and inviting, while highlighting the existing architecture in the room and showcasing the super chic pool view. We are in the process of purchasing and implementing the design, but in the meantime we wanted to show our presentation board of selections. etch-blog-rrproject-1 Once we found the perfect couch, Room & Board‘s Hutton Sofa, to pair with the client’s existing tall wood side tables, we wanted to cultivate a dynamic but neutral palette, infusing color in the art, pillows and accessories. Keeping the large scale items classically neutral help maintain an inclusive and non-alienating personality to these public spaces and also allow the client flexibility to change things out seasonally, if they choose. The grays we’ve specified lean towards the warmer and browner side, which will feel cozy in this very lofty space; and by choosing similar tones of gray for the larger pieces in different fabric weaves, we’re creating a calm, but fully dimensional experience.


Stay tuned, because we can’t wait to share the finished space with you once it’s all styled, fluffed and ready to go!


Enjoy the rest of you’re week, folks!

‘Tis the day of love, filled with an abundance of one of our favorite colors: pink. Often considered a strictly feminine mark, pink can be both evocative and calming, proving to be a dynamic color choice that we love to see all year long! Regardless of the tone, all pinks – light, dark, hot, coral – bring energy to a space: as a bold backdrop for an art gallery; in malleable accents such as artwork and textiles; or paired with a deeper tone for unexpected softness and sophistication.


Kari’s workspace boasts an otherwise traditional damask wall treatment that is reinvented with its hot pink tone.



The simple objects pull from the pinks, purple and gold found in the artwork hanging above Kari’s living room mantle.


When you open Kate’s powder room door, you’re met with a bright shade of coral and lots of art; a surprise in an otherwise mundane space.


The pink incorporated on Kate’s dresser feels sentimental, but can easily be redistributed elsewhere for a completely different vibe.

These are a few of the ways we are living with and loving a little pink.  What about you? Does your life include a touch of pink?