Before I head off for the weekend, let’s have a little conversation about art. As a visual artist, art typically comes first in my home design priorities; my husband and I started collecting art long before we purchased our first sofa. I imagine it’s the same for any profession, a chef would most likely prioritize his stove or cooking utensils and a computer engineer probably would have the best office and technology display. So when our most recent client mentioned new art pieces as a large part of the project’s scope, I was thrilled for the opportunity. In this particular project, only several spaces are getting a finish, furniture and art refresh, so we’re limited by the constraints of the existing architecture and adjacent out-of-scope areas. Our process essentially is going to be a hybrid of art coming first and second. The budget is also quite modest, so thinking creatively and looking past conventional solutions is keeping us on our toes.




Art choices are very personal and ultimately I imagine it boils down to individual taste and ideals as to how and if artwork is addressed in a space. However too often, art is the last consideration. Perhaps the focus is more on the functional purchases, or the idea of art for art’s sake is intimidating, or people may simply see art as such a big commitment. Yet, when art is not given the proper consideration in a design process, the end of a project usually results in a lot of generic wall decor getting placed in the gaping spaces that are begging for something dynamic. Unfortunately, it’s a missed opportunity that happens much too often.


Kari and I don’t consider art a decorative afterthought, chosen only for its genre or how it coordinates with the furniture or wall color. We are so excited when an art object inspires a design, or when the artwork gets installed and completes or develops the spatial experience in a new way. But most importantly, we thrive on the exchange with other creatives, and love being able to support artists and the local arts community with our work.




The topic of art in interior design and the influence and interconnectedness of the two is something we’ll be talking about a lot around here. Not only is it something we feel passionate about, but it’s also a topic that doesn’t get enough discussion in the design process.


So, let’s hear it, how does art work into your life? Are you a longtime collector, or are you considering dipping your toes into the art market?




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